Narasimha (Prakash Raj) is a henchman to the home minister (Shayaji Shinde). Narasimha's dream of becoming a politician is shattered when the home minister refuses to give an assembly seat to him. His fate starts favoring him when the home minister's son, Ajay (Ajay)falls in love with Narasimha's sister Pooja (Taapsee) And Pooja agrees to marry Ajay. Venkatappa Naidu (Vishnu) Venky for short, is a kickboxer who dreams of becoming the national champion. Things take a turn when Venky's family and Narasimha start suspecting that Venky and Pooja are in love, when they don't even know each other. The story that follows is an action packed romantic comedy of errors. In this cat and mouse game, will Venky and Pooja really fall in love? If so how? And more importantly how is Narasimha going to react?

  3774   Código Embebido
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