This is a song that I wrote for my cats called "Kitty Song," along with video of 61 things being stacked on top of my cat Toby while he slept. Karen did the stacking. She,s very talented. No Tobies were harmed in the making of this video. Please don,t yell at me, and please don,t be mean to your cats. lyrics: Little kitten feeling lonely come and sit upon my lap and I,ll pet you run my fingers through your fur as you cat nap I,ll feed you bits of tuna and we,ll stare at my tv. I,ll sing for you this song about how much you mean to me. It goes [chorus] Kitty come kitty play Kitty love kitty stay Kitty jump to me Kitty land on your feet When I get a little angry or I,m feeling like a jerk I can scratch you on the chin and feel the rhythm of your purr There,s nothing that can phase me when we,re playing with a string so I wrote for you this melody though you hate it when I sing it goes [chorus] p.s. Toby totally deserved it.

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