Compuso una canción bellísima sobre sus clientes... Welcome to starbucks my name is Chris I'll be your barista for the day Can i make a drink for you miss? I know you've had a shitty day well so have I I really don't want to care but I get paid to try Hello rich white lady, I already know what you want you want a skinny vanilla latte young debutaunt well that drink won't make you skinny you gotta work for that and just in case your wondering I just called you fat hey mr. asshole want 6 breakfast sandwhiches? I got a line of angry customers to hell with this You've got a gang of noisy kids can you shut them up I just want to draw a middle finger on your cup screw frappucinos they take forever to make you know theres about a pound of fat in your RF coffee cake You ordered a grande drip and my coffee is out I'll just pour you something fresh from the decaf spout if I have to serve another latino An extra caramel frappucino I'll empty my drawer and go to reno and thats not nonfat in your cappucino and theres that angry man when the store is closed feels the need to shout aloud and pound on the windows well its just a cup of coffee give me a break I shouldn't have to put up with this making minimum wage This is starbucks I don't want to see you yawn well you made me get my ass up at the butt crack of dawn And I just came up short on your vanilla bean i'll just inject it with some whip because it can't be seen please reach the toilet thats where you're supposed to take shit I dont' have time to shake your tea I'll just swirl it a bit All my friends think they deserve something for free At least act like you will pay Cuz the lead is staring at me And all you regulars who order your 'name supreme' well i still don't know your drink can you explain it to me and yes I topped your grande mocha with diarrhea whipped cream can you make your way home i've got milk to re-steam You get cappucinos your the pickiest of all you didn't order it dry but you want no milk at all you throw back in my face tell me I made it wrong When I got a line of drinks a couple miles long extra shot of esspreso? "Stop hassling me, can i get 18 pumps of classic?" with type 2 diabetes and I think i've had it up to here with these treat receipts If I have to explain it another time I might defect to Peet's I work for starbucks....

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