(Part 1 of 2) A 12 minute short depicting the origin of "The Bat-Man" and introducing his amazing skills and abilities... Bob Kane and Bill Finger drew on a lot of silent films to create Batman, and I,ve always wanted to give the story a try using silent film techniques. What with that whole copyright/waste of time thing, you,ll have to settle for this collage. Here are the original influences re-arranged to tell Bruce Wayne,s story and his crusade against crime. A bit of fun not intended for sale or commercial exploitation... what with the huge commercial value of silent films and everything. Make sure and check out part two conveniently located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByTfwm... for the Rogue,s Gallery: featuring the Joker... Oswald Cobblepot, AKA The Penguin... The Cat-Woman! The unspeakable horrors of the Scarecrow! The scientific genius of R,as Al Ghul! All this and pulsepounding, teethgrinding excitement as "The Bat-Man" falls into the Joker,s trap - literally. A quick two day collage by Andre Perkowski. Drone music by Kristin Palker & Andre Perkowski, an outtake from "The Vampire,s Tomb" sessions. Sources used: THE BAT (1926) THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (1928) THE CABINET OF DOCTOR CALIGARI (1920) Edison,s FRANKENSTEIN (1910) THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ (1910) BATMAN (1943 for Ghul and Wayne in Lab)

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