The Smoking Gun Presents: World,s Dumbest ... is a new 10-week original series on truTV showcasing brainless behavior in a variety of situations. Launching Thursday, March 13, at 9 p.m. and March 20 at 9 PM with two episodes on the World,s Dumbest Criminals and future installments include the World,s Dumbest Drivers, World,s Dumbest Daredevils and World,s Dumbest Record Breakers. truTV Showcases the idiotic with apropos commentators: Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Amy Fisher and Leif Garrett. Some people are so stupid it boggles the mind. That,s the premise behind truTV,s brand new original series The Smoking Gun Presents: World,s Dumbest. Among the upcoming additional installments of The Smoking Gun Presents: World,s Dumbest... are World,s Dumbest Drivers, World,s Dumbest Daredevils and World,s Dumbest Record Breakers. World,s Dumbest Criminals will feature stories ranging from a would-be bank robber whose disguise consisted entirely of tree branches taped to his forehead to a car thief who stops to ask the home from which he just stole the car. The episodes will utilize a pool of featured commentators and panelists to help tell the stories, make light of them and bring insight into the mind of the criminally challenged. They will also feature recognizable dumb celebrities who,ve had their own brushes with the law, such as Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Amy Fisher, and Leif Garrett, along with commentary by Andrew Goldberg and Bill Bastone, founders of Here are some additional moments from the first episodes: A laughable larcenist gets busted by the FBI for bragging on a local call-in radio show about his exploits; A fugitive is trapped by police because he stopped during a daring getaway to enjoy the fried shrimp platter at a favorite local restaurant; A determined petty thief who drastically underestimated his girth gets stuck in the grease trap of the restaurant he was trying to rob; A creepy criminal is caught stealing a woman,s underwear off of her clothesline, with the excuse that they make good slingshots; A routine traffic stop turns into a drug bust when a driver accidentally hands the police officer a bag of heroin instead of his license; Police get a 911 call about a drunk driver...from the drunk driver himself; A man on probation for various crimes videotapes himself stealing, breaking and entering, wreaking havoc and finally doing drugs; A man tries to rob a gas station dressed as Abraham Lincoln, and when the crime isn,t going his way, he starts to help out the customers;

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