So now it´s time to go down below. I don´t count vocal fry or growling, it should be real speaking/singing voice. I start with the low C (C2) which every bass singer shoule have no problem with. Baritones can also reach it but the volume is not so impressive. Even some tenors can reach it (michael kiske, joe lynn turner, geoff tate) but that is rare. 1. a C2 by swedish folk singer fred åkerström, from the song "glimmande nymf". 2. a C2 by opera bass kurt moll, from Rosenkavalier. 3. an outstanding C2 from russian bass wiktor wichniakov, from the song "do not cast me off in the time of old age". 4. famous gospel bass JD sumner hitting an easy (for him) C2 in the elvis song way down. 5. JD begins climing down into the cellar, here´s a A1 from "where the rsoes never fade". 6. JD hitting a G1 from the same song. 7. russian bass, ivan rebroff, climbing down to a F1, unknown song(this clip can be found on various singing forums though). 8. JD hitting a F1 from the song "give the world a smile". 9. JD humming his way down to an E1, from elvis song "I got a woman" live. 10. the famous (almost) C1 by JD at the end of elvis song "way on down". starts on E1 though. 11. a better C1 by JD off song "you´ll never walk alone". 12. tim storms humming/singing a C1 from song "amazin grace" live version with Rescue. 13. Tim touching a A0 (bottom note on the piano!) in the beginning of this clip!! also from "amazing grace". Enjoy!

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