Although simple in concept, the complexity of the internal combustion engine is mind-boggling. Most of the time we take it for granted when we turn the ignition key, shift into gear and step on the gas, but a marvel of mechanics, managing thousands of little explosions each minute, keeps us traveling smoothly down the highways and byways and streets where we live. This video gives us an animated look at a virtual engine, from bare block to ignition. The inline-four engine is made by Deutz, an independent German machine manufacturer. See every component: casted this, braided that, spinning this, machined that. The animated video shows the engine assembling itself, then gives you an inside look at the combustion compartment, injecting fuel, igniting it and expelling the exhaust fumes. As you marvel at the complexity of it all, remember that this is a relatively simple four-cylinder engine. Imagine throwing in a few more cylinders, a turbocharger or two, variable valve timing... you get the idea.

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