Tay, we love you. Amazing one more time. Free mp3 at: http://www.tayzonday.com/ LYRICS: "Too Big For You" I put up with your late nights out Sayin you gotta leave me by myself Then you tried to dis my shoes You had to lose These shoes are too big for you. I,ll walk down the wall of China Rest my feet in Timbuctu Sleep atop the sands of Siam That,s where I am And I ain,t taking you Make some gumbo in Colombo Drink some tea in Tripoli Kiss you from the mid Pacific It,s terrific And I ain,t lookin back Have a ball in Senegal Join a show in Tokyo Watch the stars on cliffs of Keny I can,t defend ya You had your chance uh huh (Chorus) In these shoes I,m going to Cairo In these shoes I,m going to New York In these shoes your love I refuse Cause Baby these shoes They,re too big for you (Repeat) Go to Oman, build a snowman Coco trees in Helsinki Find a ski in sweet Hawaii Where I,m dreaming These shoes are taking me Bringing justice to Chicago Saving children in Moscow I,ll do good don,t ask me how But baby now I best be leaving you Aliens will come and greet me Take me to their galaxy Name a street between the starlight The rest of your life You,ll look up at me

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