Trailer de la película de Alejandro Brujes rodada en Cuba y con muchos muertos vivientes rondando por La Habana. Olé for CUBAN ZOMBIES! This movie is probably the freshest thing to come in the ridiculously overcrowded zombie movie productions (somebody said "World War Z"?). Being Cuba's first real horror movie, "Juan Of The Dead" comes as a Latin take on zombie comedy flicks, reminiscing "Shaun Of The Dead", but just a little, as it has it's own unique dimension. It's 50 years past the famous Castro revolution in Cuba and a horde of zombies are coming to make Chaos. Mistakenly taken as dissidents paid by the US (actually if the US Gov could, they probably would..) first, they are soon going to meet with zombie-killer Juan and his posse. Havana has never been so bloody. Check out the official site at

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