Windows 7 is coming - and I can,t wait! The latest all-new boyband is here: "4 Softies and a Pizza Guy" laying it down for PDC 2008 and Windows 7! Lyrics: Verse 1: I,ve seen you in my dreams, I love you so much I know I,m gonna love the way that you respond to my touch So fine, I need to make you mine When we,re together there ain,t no mountain we can,t climb Verse 1A: P-D-C, two thousand eight Windows 7 is coming and I can,t wait I,m gonna get the first one, right out of the crate, Wrap your windows around me Chorus: I share my best ideas with you Make them come true, ,cause that,s what you,re meant to do You take me closer to heaven Tell your dreams and hopes to me Get close to me, ,cause that,s where you,re ,sposed to be I,m talkin, about Windows 7. ooaahooo Verse 2: You turn me on, with your graphics and text I get so excited when I think about where you,ll take me next I,m gonna leave with my developer guide And tons of Windows content on a hundred sixty gigabyte drive! Verse 2A: P-D-C, two thousand eight Windows 7 is coming and I can,t wait. The desktop and taskbar will integrate, Wrap your windows around me. Chorus.... Mid section They say the eyes are the windows to the soul When I look in your eyes, I almost lose control We,ve got a strong foundation, efficient applications And new APIs When I,m with you I feel energized! Rap: 7 is my lucky number At night I get 7 hours of slumber And Windows 7 at the PDC, twenty o eight, is gonna go and steal the other guy,s thunder Developers and users, be good to your computers Ya can,t win with another system made for losers. for Windows 7, my love is true Now let me use direct 3d to unlock your GPU!

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