OK, so imagine that Laura Petrie drops acid and when Rob gets home she is dancing around and singing about her hallucinations of shiny kitchens and rocket shaped cars of the future. That about sums up this short film from MPO Productions, the company that also made "The Cliché Family in Televisionland" William Beaudine, who directs, worked on over 400 films in a career that started in 1909! Mr. Beaudine directed the classic ,Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, as well as ,Billy the Kid versus Dracula, and ,Jesse James Meets Frankenstein,s Daughter,. Marc Breaux, who portrays the tuxedoed man, later went on to choreograph several major musicals, including ,Mary Poppins, and ,The Sound of Music,. The whacked out ,Laura, is played by Tad Tadlock, who also continued to work in Hollywood as a choreographer for a number of projects.

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