sesame street {hebrew} TRANSLATION: ? [[the characters: - Ugi (the one with the big eyes) * the kid + Ezra ]] *Ah we r here! -yeh, did u hear it Ezra? Ezra is there *Great! you know what? I want to be there, yeh, I want to be there -If that what u want, so go to there *yeh, i,m going now to there! -he is coming to u Ezra! *I,m there! +No, now u aren,t there,u r here *I,m here? +exacly, u r here *but i wanted to be there! +you can,t be there, Ugi is there -Hey Ezra! +Hey! *I want to be there! +everyone at his place *I,m going to there! *I,m there! -No, look, now u r here, kid *but before i were here! -u r right, i,m glad that u came back to me *yeh but i wanted to be there! -so why did u come back to here? *because i wanted to be there! -u have got a problem! *look -what? *I,m here, right? -right! *and your fried r there -Hello Ezra! +Hello!! -right *he is there -right *i want to be -- there! -all right. he is coming to u again! *here i come! +what, u r here again? *here? u meen i,m stil here?! +i don,t know about ,stil,, but u r definitely here *but i wanted to be there! i don,t want to be here! +what,s wrong with you kid? u don,t like me? *no! i don,t want to be here! i want to be there! i will never be there! *crying* +do whatever u want kid and don,t disturb us anymore! we don,t have time for cry-baby like u! -what,s wrong with him? +this kid is a little funny -he,s weird! +u stay there and don,t drive us crazy anymore! -yeh! i,m going +and stay there kid! *there? u mean that i,m there? +yeh u r there! and stay there ok? *great! i,m there! hey hey! i,m there! i,m there i,m there! ^yuhu! i,v been looking for u for hours! what r u doing here? *HERE?!

  3774   Código Embebido
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