Part 2 of a 12 minute short depicting the origin of "The Bat-Man" - Bob Kane and Bill Finger drew on a lot of silent films and pulp to create Batman: here they are re-arranged to tell us about Bruce Wayne,s crusade against crime. A bit of fun not intended for sale or commercial exploitation... what with the huge commercial value of silent films and everything. Featuring the Joker... Oswald Cobblepot, AKA The Penguin... The Cat-Woman! The unspeakable horrors of the Scarecrow! The scientific genius of R,as Al Ghul! Be sure to check out part one for the story of how young Bruce Wayne got into such a weird racket anyway. Jack Pickford as Bruce Wayne Conrad Veidt as The Joker Werner Krauss as The Penguin Olga Baclanova as The Catwoman George Beranger as The Scarecrow J. Carrol Naish as R,as Al Ghul Eddie Gribbon as Inspector Gordon Louise Fazenda as the Woman of Ill Repute (Quickie rough version - needs a few tweaks here and there and I was going to add another 3 villains to the lineup: Dr. Hugo Strange, The Red Monk, and The Clay-Face. Thought I,d stick this up so part 1 made a bit more sense, anyway.)

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