1. What is BSOD? BSOD is a shortcut from Blue Screen of Death. BSOD is closely tied with Microsoft,s operating systems. Due to large number of system bugs, a blue screen can appear freezing basic operations, an application,s work, or even with no occasion, decreasing system,s functionality, or permanently hanging it at. BSOD displays as an blue screen, filled with more or less clear error message. after Jargon File: "The following entry from the Salon Haiku Contest , seems to have predated popular use of the term: Windows NT crashed. I am the Blue Screen of Death No one hears your screams." back to top 2. Who supports BSOD? Who develops it? BSOD exists because of the great creativity of Microsoft,s programmers. That,s why it works on probably all systems. back to top 3. How to get BSOD? BSOD is a part of Windows, so you don,t have to install anything to use it. You have to do only a few, usually untypical, sequences, widely described in question 5. back to top 4. What is Black Screen of Death? Black Screen of Death is an ancestor of Blue Screen of Death. It was developed in the DOS environment. back to top 5. Is it hard to execute BSOD? Putting a little bit of invention to your work with a computer, it is very simple to execute BSOD. But sometimes it depends on what version of Windows you,ve got. BSOD execution problems are more precisely described in the BSOD-HOWTO, available at bsod.org. back to top 6. Do other systems support BSOD? As far as I know, other systems are rather using their own error messaging methods and only Microsoft,s systems support it correctly. But there is a small possibility you can get a Blue Screen in other systems, see question 9. back to top 7. Is BSOD a bug, or a tradition? According to definition, a bug is a part of program that is not working correctly. Despite so many versions of windows, BSOD still exists so it,s a useful feature. The bugs are scattered quite liberally in most of Microsoft,s operating systems, so the BSOD, an error reporting system as well as an end to all your current work is in fact a feature. What would it be, if we had no BSOD? It would only cause confusion and chaos, because Windows, without a Blue Screen just is not old good Windows. Your machine would just die with no explanation. A BSOD is like the rolling of the credits at the end of a movie, you know it,s The End. back to top 8. Where can I get more info about BSOD? Main source of information about BSOD is a web page of an unofficial organization: http://www.bsod.org A lot of interesting information should also have BSOD designers: http://www.microsoft.com And, like always, the best knowledge source is your own computer: (if it,s not hung ;)) back to top 9. How to get a BSOD in other operating systems? Getting a BSOD in system other than Windows is rather difficult, but not impossible. One way to taste bsod, is to install some poor error emulator. This can be for example xscreensaver. By default it has a screen saver called "BSOD". Unfortunetly it supports a wide variety of error messages, not only from windows, so you can,t be sure, you,ll get real Blue Screen. The second bug is that, every time is displayed one of two default bsod screens and you are quickly getting bored... back to top 10. How to turn on BSOD in apache? You know how, so don,t ask... ;) back to top EOF

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