This video is an experiment to see how rapidly the theremin can be injected into the world,s collective consciousness. It,s amazing that not everyone knows what a theremin is. It was the first electronic musical instrument and it was invented in 1919. Are Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley really theremin players? There,s only one way to find out! some notes: The main theremin was passed through iZotope Trash, an awesome software guitar effects plugin. The video was edited entirely in Adobe After Effects. The hand on the carpet was to simulate wind noise, definitely cause for confusion. This also means all the parts of the song were performed with hands only. CRAZY! Randy - Moog Etherwave Pro Theremin, Moog Etherwave Theremin, Minimoog Voyager, carpet KD - Akai MPC drum machine OG - background vocals on keyboard Elliot - bass and guitar This video performance is dedicated to the pioneers, Leon Theremin and Bob Moog, who devoted their lives to music in the electronic medium. Without them the music world would not be what it is today. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe! It can only get better from this point forward.

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