Italian band The Nerd Follia got on Weebl\,s Stuff horse, and found it amazing. In order to celebrate this new discovery, the band made a cover of the song. Find us at on Radiohead \,s myspace page\,s top eight friends ps. don\,t ask us why we\,re there Look at my horse, My horse is amazing Give it a lick Hmm, It tastes just like raisins Have a stroke of it\,s mane It turnes into a plane And then it turns back again When you tug on it\,s winky Ohh that\,s dirty Do you think think so? Well I\,d better not show you where the lemonade is made Sweet lemonade Mmm sweet lemonade Sweet lemonade Yeah sweet lemonade Get on my horse I\,ll take you round the universe And all the other places too I think you\,ll find that the universe pretty much covers everything Shut up woman get on my horse

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