Bad Brains - I Against I (LIVE ,88 Holland) La primera banda de hardcore rastafari. El cantante está muy loco!!! bad brains short intro + song. skip to 0:40 to go straight to I Against I. THE SONG HE,S PLAYING ON THE BOOMBOX IS: "While You Were Sleeping" by HR, on his 1990 album "Charge" . By melding punk with reggae, Bad Brains became one of the definitive American hardcore punk groups of the early ,80s. Although the group released only a handful of records during its peak, including the legendary cassette-only debut, Bad Brains, they developed a dedicated following, many of whom would later form their own hardcore and alternative bands. As for Bad Brains themselves, they continued to record and tour in varying lineups led by guitarist Dr. Know into the late ,90s yet never managed to break out of their cult status.

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