I really liked the Fire and Ice movie (1983) created by Richard Bakshi and Frank Frazetta. The animation is cool but I thought It was kinda slow and boring, So I started watching it as a muted video and sync it with music, the band I used is Manowar (because of the theme and the pacing) . All the songs are unaltered with no other change than cross fading between the songs. Most of them from the album "The Triumph of Steel (1992)" . Songs used Drums of doom - fighting the world (1987) The power of thy sword - the triumph of steel Master of the wind - the triumph of steel Burning - the triumph of steel Master of revenge - fighting the world (1987) ride the dragon - the triumph of steel the demon's whip - the triumph of steel spirit horse of the Cherokee - the triumph of steel blood of the kings - kings of metal (1988)

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