his is the story of Amy Winehouse and how she is still creating hits in rehab. This video is dedicated to Perez Hilton!!! LYRICS "I finally got my ass to rehab" They finally got me into rehab They say, go, go, go I smoked so much crack My lungs are turned black Said, whoa, whoa, whoa I guess it,s probably time Cuz my daddy says I,m dying It,s time to get my ass to rehab No more blow, blow, blow I won,t live to see old age I keep throwing up all over the stage And I better get cleaned up by the Grammys But I ain,t slept in nearly seven days I must,ve popped too many pills Cuz the doorbell rang And there was Dr. Phil I got my sorry ass to rehab They said, go, go, go Yes, I done smack But now I,m on track Makes some dough, dough, dough I think I,ll be fine But I sure could use a line It,s pretty hard to find in rehab They say, no, no, no Written by: Bob Rivers Created by: Keith Rivers www.bobrivers.com Produced by: Ben Karlstrom Actors: Amy - Christiana Speed Trumpet Player - Scott Baxter Hand Clapper - Dion Anders Drummer - Moises Padilla Sax - Keith Rivers Crew: Writer - Bob Rivers Director/Editor - Keith Rivers Director of Photography - Paul Tennis Wardrobe Stylist - Meghan Ellis Makeup Artist - Andrea Lindsey Grip - Josh Penn Borris Production Assistant - Kelsey Keblas Location - Des Moines, WA "Landmark on the Sound" Also Check out my music, I,m making a solo album: www.myspace.com/keithriversmusic

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