Since its birth in the late 70s, B-Boying has been announced dead several times, but it,s still alive and kicking?very much so! Today a vibrant and well connected B-Boy scene exists worldwide. One of the most important B-Boy competitions is the Red Bull BC One, where 16 of the world,s best B-Boys meet to compete and to determine in a one on one knock-out-battle who is The One. When the spotlight is switched on, two breakers battle each other. Lose and you are out without a second chance. In the end there is one winner â?? the Red Bull BC One Champion. Extraordinary artistic skills, an outstanding character, and a good reputation in the community are the success formula to get selected as a dancer for the Red Bull BC One. The challenge lies in finding influential dancers from all continents ready to set new standards and showing state of the art breaking. B-Boy battles have their roots in ONE vs. ONE competitions. During the past 15 years one-on-one battles have been pushed to the background as crew competitions became more popular at the big events. Red Bull,s objective was to go back to the roots and show B-Boying in the most spectacular and powerful way. After an auspicious start in Biel, Switzerland (2004), the battle moved to Berlin, Germany (2005) and Sao Paulo, Brazil (2006). The 2007 Red Bull BC One Battle will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa on September 22nd. This year, for the first time, there were 9 Red Bull BC One Qualifier Battles in different countries, where B-Boys from all over the world were able to qualify for the final battle in South Africa. Another novelty this year was that one of the 16 B-Boys competing in each qualifier battle got selected by an online jury. Starting on April 14, B-Boys were able to qualify by uploading their profiles including photos and video footage to the Red Bull BC One website and thus get the chance to be one of the 16. The qualifiers are over. The 16 B-Boys have been selected. Now the whole scene is anticipating the final battle in South Africa. Let the battle begin!

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