José Mourinho spoke to the press on Monday after Real Madrid,s final training session ahead of their Copa del Rey opener against Segunda B side Murcia. The Portuguese coach stressed the importance of the competition for the team and HE hopes to bring the trophy back to the Bernabéu after a 17 year absence. It,s been far too long since Real Madrid last won the Copa del Rey. That shouldn,t be the case but unfortunately it is. They beat Zaragoza in the final and Butragueño scored! Since then the club has lost in two finals. It,s a very important competition for me. It,s up there with the league and the Champions League despite the fact that a lot of people don,t think the same way. I,ve won the cup in Portugal, in England and in Italy. I want to do same here in Spain and hopefully we,ll do it. The Copa del Rey is a tough competition because losing is simply not an option. If you lose a Champions League group game or a league game it,s not the end of the world. I,ve heard a lot of people say that it,s almost a positive thing for a big team like Real Madrid to get knocked out of the Copa del Rey because it,s one less competition to worry about. I don,t agree with that at all. Real Madrid should try and not be knocked out of every competition the club is taking part in. We need to aim to win. It,s not normal for a big club from the Primera to be knocked out of the competition by a team from the segunda.

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