En esta escena de la segunda película de Johnny Weissmuller,Jane, la mujer de Tarzán, nada desnuda junto a su salvaje amante. Los productores no tuvieron problemas con eso, ya que por aquella época no existía todavía la FCC (el organismo censor). Pero como ocurre siempre, la escena fue rápidamente borrada a petición de los grupos religiosos y las madres locas.A destacar también el pequeño tamaño de pecho de la Jane submarina en comparación con la más tetuda Jane terrestre. Eso es debido a que Maureen O,Sullivan no rodó esta escena, sino que se prefirió a la nadadora olímpica Josephine McKim como doble. Gracias a Ted Turner por devolver esta maravillosa y clásica escena al lugar que le correspondía. ----------------------------------- In this scene from Johnny Weissmuller,s second feature film, Tarzan and His Mate, Jane goes swimming naked with her jungle lover. The producers got away with this at first due to the fact that the FCC had not yet been created; however, the scene was quickly removed due to complaints from religious groups and mad mothers. Note the small breast size of Underwater Jane as compared to the more buxom Landlubber Jane. That,s because Maureen O,Sullivan did not perform in this particular scene. Instead, Olympic swimmer Josephine McKim was used as a double for Miss O,Sullivan. The decision was not made because of any modesty issues. The skimpy costume Maureen wears throughout the film proves that she wasn,t shy about showing her body. It was simply agreed that the grace of a professional swimmer would be more pleasing for the audience. Maureen,s revealing jungle costume in Tarzan and His Mate was another thing that drew complaints from the bluenoses; therefore, in all future Tarzan films, Jane,s body was to be significantly more covered up. Thanks to Ted Turner for putting this classic scene back into the classic film where it belongs