Just when you thought it was safe to let your hair down, THE CENSOR is BACK to remind us of old-fashioned British values like good manners, sexual repression and COLD-BLOODED MURDER. LEO SKELLY stars as CEDRIC, an officious drone of the BBFC who injects the rules of film censorship into the real world... with the help of his razor-sharp editing scissors. SNIP SNIP! Written and directed by award-winning scouse filmjockey Graham Hughes, THE CENSOR is a lively and vivacious black comedy, made all the more remarkable by the fact it was put together for less than £20. And yes, myspace DID delete it (but only after featuring it on their front page for a day and it getting over 40,000 views). In a twist of irony that even Alanis Morrissette would understand, we,ve had to censor the damn thing to get it on YouTube. Don,t worry - it still contains all the swearing, violence, gore and mayhem, but I,ve blurred out Chessie,s baps because Americans obviously find nudity more offensive than someone shitting in your cornflakes. CREW Writer/Director: Graham Hughes Producer: Matthew Eland Special FX: John Heaney Music: Simon Barber CAST Cedric: Leo Skelly Angry Director: Filippo Fiori Security: Tony Lawson Prof. Jack Prendergast: Hugh Sheridan Sex Girl: Danger Hollywood Sex Boy: John Heaney Coke Head: Adam Baird Rapist: Nico Xander Rape Victim: Mary Dowrick Sir Quentin Cooke: Jake Norton Myspace Tom: Trevor Fleming

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