want this in good quality? THEN BUY IT!!! http://loadrecords.com/pickawinner.html Dual formatted, double dipped and extra whipped Technicolor-laced acid flakes are on the table - DIG IN!. 17 trips of sound and sights are poured into k-holes of dubious dimension from tonz of LOAD bands and friends like LIGHTNING BOLT, NEON HUNK, WOLF EYES, and FORCEFIELD. Several North American video tribes such as PAPER RAD, DEAR RAINDROP, and DEVIN FLYNN put their hands together to make Saturday morning cartoons look like the Nazi-programmed oatmeal of consumer misery with this new DVD-powered power pellet. Pick LOAD, and Pick a Winner! If you liked the animation in LIGHTNING BOLT,s POWER OF SALAD animation bonuses, this is for you. Colors so bright they will make your eyes melt and your brain bleed. Smiles that will make your face crack. Videos from members of FORCEFIELD! The bass player from Lightning Bolt contributes an 11 minute BARKLEY,s BARNYARD CRITTERS video that should be aired everywhere all-the-time. The NEON HUNK and FORCEFIELD videos have been banned for fear of seizures! As if this was not enough, this release comes with a CD to enjoy the jams at home or on your silly roller blades you never use. Track listing for DVD and CD: 1) Paper Rad - My Favorite Home Page 2) Dear Raindrop - Lightning Bolt 3) Dear Raindrop - Neon Hunk 4) Devin Flynn - Pixeltan 5) Dare Matthewson - La Machine 6) Peter Glantz - Black Elf Speaks 7) Paper Rad - Wolf Eyes 8) Brian Gibson - Barkleys, Barnyard Critters 9) Paper Rad - Extreme Animals 10) White Mice 11) Peter Glantz - Pink and Brown 12) Paper Rad - Mystery Brinkman 13) Paper Rad - Gerty Farish 14) Matt Yapchan - Hydrogen Terrors 15) Andy Puls (Neon Hunk) 16) Pleasurehorse 17) Forcefield

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